Board of Directors

Executive Officers


Martha Ferguson

Martha is serving as President for the umpteenth time , with each term beginning as her last, but plans always seem to change. Although she loves seeing the performances and the talent on our stage, her visits to the stage only involve making announcements. She did receive accolades when she directed a play in the 4th Grade, but expectations were not very high.


David Duncan

David, a retired Civil Engineer, is a longtime lover of the arts and has been a FMCP member for 16 years, having served as a Board Member and Treasurer for the last seven of those years. David has lived in Fort Mill for 37 years and enjoys seeing the very talented actors in the area perform.


Polly Adkins

Polly serves as Secretary on the Board. A FMCP member for many years, she also directs and, on rare occasions these days, trods the boards as an actor. She served for many years on the Board of Actors’ Theater of Charlotte and has extensive acting and directing experience in the region. She enjoys everything about her job except taking minutes!

Board Members

Amber Albert

Scott Albert

Alexa Cibbarelli

Ken Nunnery

Bob Edwards

Peggy Fullett

Shelly Jameson

Paul Martin

Kelsey Marshall

Lizann Rex

Joyce Sullivan

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